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Nickname: Lys


Year licensed: 2012


Career Highlight:  Joining the MOB team and getting my education platform started!


Astrological sign: Scorpio


What’s your favorite holiday? “The Holiday Season” (Halloween, My birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years! I freaking love all of it). But ultimately...Christmas


What’s your favorite dessert? Pumpkin cheesecake


What’s your favorite board game? “What do you meme?”


Name a skill you wish you had: I wish I could foil without needing a board


What’s one dream on your bucket list? To travel all over Europe for a couple months with my husband, son, and a NANNY!


Do you have a hidden talent? Absolutely not, I’m an open book and a boring one at that


What’s your favorite guilty pleasure? Binge watching TV on the couch all day and ignoring all my household responsibilities while my kid is at school


Tell us two truths and one lie:

1. I didn't learn how to ride a bike until I was 8

2. I've been to burning man 7 times

3. I hate taking shots!


What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received? That I’m a hair magician. It never gets old and warms my heart each time I hear it