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Alyssa is a Californian native. She grew up in the coastal city of Ventura. Alyssa has always shown a significant interests in hair. At the age of 5 she took it upon her self to cut her 6 year old cousins hair. It was love at first hair cut.  From that moment on she always played with her colleague’s hair. 


 The summer before Alyssa’s freshman year of High school , she took a summer class in order to get ahead. In this course she took a job aptitude test. The results read she should pursue a career in  cosmetology. Being that she was in love with hair, her future flashed before her eyes. What was a fascination became her passion. From that moment on, every report or project was about her future as a hair stylist. For example, a history report became the history of hair. She would spent days consulting with her teachers and down time in local salons.  With her senior year approaching, Alyssa began testing and enrolled in cosmetology school. After High School most students take a senior trip. Alyssa lined up her schooling to start 3 days after her graduation out of excitement to get behind the chair.  She received her training at Lu Ross Academy. 

 Alyssa has worked as an educator with Moroccanoil and has more then 5 years experience. She continues to hone her craft by taking advanced classes such as “All wrapped up” styling class and “The art of cutting” in New York at the Moroccanoil academy and many more. Due to her success behind the chair, Alyssa has been rewarded with multiple trips to New York and Mexico to master her ability to coach other stylists.

Alyssa likes to establish open communication and trust. During an appointment, you will experience an in depth consultation and through out your time in her chair you will find that she will customize a regimen for your hair as well as give you tips and tricks on how to care for your hair once you are home. Alyssa finds fulfillment in creating gorgeous looks and making guests feel beautiful. She specializes in healthy blondes, balayage, and extensions.

7527 Girard Ave, La Jolla, CA 92037 


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