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Nickname: MJ


Year licensed: 2019


Career Highlight:  Becoming a hair extensions educator for Masters of Balayage! 


Astrological sign: Cancer


What’s your favorite holiday? Christmas. Other than that I'm a summer baby at heart


What’s your favorite dessert? Warm homemade chocolate chip cookies


What’s your favorite board game? The Game of LIFE


Name a skill you wish you had: I wish I loved updos and editorial hair, but truly color and extensions are my obsession


What’s one dream on your bucket list? To teach on the Masters of Balayage HERO stage!

Do you have a hidden talent? Unconditional lover. I can make everyone feel loved. TRY ME


What’s your favorite guilty pleasure? Definitely eating soul food in bed

Tell us two truths and one lie:

1.  I have 3 cats

2. I'm a real Georgia peach

3. I was born in Sicily


What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received? My family and friends, being proud of me for overcoming trials, that life brought my way at a young age! Being strong, dedicated, and devoted to myself and my career. The best compliment I could receive personally relates to any self work I’ve done in my life. That truly fills me up.

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