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MOB Hair Extensions - The Gaia Collection


pronounced GIE-ə

Inspired by the mother goddess who presided over Earth, this majestic collection was born out of an idea to capture nature’s true beauty. 


With a focus on quality, sophistication, and luxury, MOB Hair Extensions - The Gaia Collection is the perfect extension of your inner goddess.

Our custom, 100% cuticle intact tape in balayage extensions will blend seamlessly into your clients' hair, leaving them with flawless volume and length.

GAIA collection-22.png


Masters of Balayage has partnered with easihairpro, the masters of hair extensions, to bring you the world’s first and finest collection of tape-in, “balayaged” hair extensions.


These incredible pieces, handcrafted by experts and personalized by yours truly, will give your clients a high end balayage look every time. With our wide variety of color combinations, coupled with our speedy application methods, your guests can now come and go in record salon time and still get the picture perfect hair they deserve and expect.


With our state of the art hair extensions, you can finally say goodbye to the 4-hour balayage appointment. That means, more clients in your chair, more money in your pocket, and more freedom in your schedule. As we are frontrunners in global balayage education, EHP is a leader in premium hair extensions. Together our combined goal is to create a powerful product that will positively impact the lives of hairdressers world-wide.


We believe in supporting hairdressers with the highest standards of education first, and then compliment that education with an incredible product. Our companies are aligned in our goals to bring the hairdressing community extreme value, so that you can live a richer, more purposeful, more fulfilling life.



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Don't need to speak to a rep and know exactly what you want? Hit the link below and unlock the future of balayage hair extensions with just one click. You deserve it! And so do your clients.

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