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Nickname: “Momma” and not just from my kids. My coworkers call me this too!


Year licensed: 2013


Career Highlight:  Becoming a MOB ambassador, now MOB educator. I feel incredibly honored to be surrounded by some seriously amazing people!


Astrological sign: Aries


What’s your favorite holiday? Thanksgiving. Pass the pumpkin pie, please!


What’s your favorite dessert? Banana pudding


What’s your favorite board game? Clue!


Name a skill you wish you had: Using tools so I didn’t have to hire out house projects


What’s one dream on your bucket list? To see a concert at Red Rocks


Do you have a hidden talent? Reading tarot


What’s your favorite guilty pleasure? 90’s country music


Tell us two truths and one lie:

1. I’ve had every hair color

2. My dad was a platform artist

3. I’m related to a celebrity


What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received? That I was empathetic. A lot of people are sympathetic, but I try my best to lead a life of compassion and empathy. Everyone has bad days and you never know when someone just needs someone to listen to them and show that they care

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