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Nickname: None


Year licensed: 2018


Career Highlight:  A highlight of my career was being able to demonstrate a technique on stage at the MOB booth at Premiere Orlando. I’ve wanted to do this since I went to my first hair show


Astrological sign: Leo


What’s your favorite holiday? Thanksgiving - food is my love language


What’s your favorite dessert? Ben and Jerry’s Gimmie S’mores Ice cream


What’s your favorite board game? Mall Madness


Name a skill you wish you had: I wish I could sing


What’s one dream on your bucket list? To teach and inspire hairstylist around the world. I want to elevate this industry.


Do you have a hidden talent? I play the piano for fun


What’s your favorite guilty pleasure? Ice cream


Tell us two truths and one lie:

1. I’m from Long Island, NY

2. I’m related to a psychic

3. I am 5’5"


What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received? The best compliment that I’ve received is that I touch people’s hearts and not just their hair. This job is more then what you see on the outside

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