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Lindsey’s love for hair began to show at about 3 years old (according to her dad) and it has continued to grow every year since. She was born in Detroit and her family migrated to sunny Florida when she was in the 4th grade. After highschool she knew cosmetology was her goal but she decided to take some time in college first. It was in 2000 that she finally started her dream of being a hairstylist. With 19 years under her belt, she is now the owner and Master Stylist of Luna Salon in Tallahassee, FL.

“I remember my first year doing hair. I was so motivated to be the best stylist I could be. I took tons of classes and practiced constantly” Lindsey says. It was in this first year that she made up her mind that being an educator was her biggest goal. In 2011 that dream became a reality. Lindsey became an educator for a major color manufacturer and spent her days off teaching stylists about color theory and techniques. Within a couple years she got the opportunity to start doing platform work on stage. “I was so scared” Lindsey recalls. “My teeth were chattering and I was so afraid that my mind would go blank” but once she got up there the reality was that she LOVED it!!

“The past 8 years has taught me so much as a colorist and educator. I now have this amazing opportunity with Masters Of Balayage! I love everything this company stands for. A true family with real hands on education and no egos ever!!” Lindsey knows that 2020 is going to be an amazing year with MOB. She truly feels that knowledge creates confidence, and confidence creates success!

When she doesn’t have her hands in color Lindsey loves to spend the day out on the boat relaxing and enjoying the water. She has a beautiful 12 year old son, Noah, that is her world and her loving boyfriend, Todd, who always makes her smile!

San Diego, CA 


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