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Masters of Balayage is taking a proactive stance to support this year’s Diversity and Inclusion week. Just as recent events have inspired others to become outspoken leaders for change and inclusion, so have we.


Many people know that MOB stands for Masters of Balayage, but internally we identify this acronym as Making Ourselves Better.


This internal mantra serves as a reminder that we can always improve, whether it be by skill, attitude, or offerings. With continued focus on bettering ourselves, we are constantly looking for ways to add positive impact to the world and those we touch in it.


Words are just words, unless those words are followed by action. Although we have openly voiced our support for industry pros impacted by diversity, we know it’s not enough. 


We want to do more.


To show our continued support of Diversity and Inclusion, we are launching The MOB Scholarship Fund, a non-profit arm of Masters of Balayage, designed to provide educational opportunities for students and licensed hairstylists adversely impacted in our industry. 

The MOB Scholarship Fund’s “2020 D&I Initiative,” in collaboration with our partners (Wella, Hair Art, Framar, Brazilian Bond Builder and Editour Media) is offering need-based grants totaling $50,000 to help raise awareness, break down barriers and inspire real change through advanced education.

This year’s Diversity & Inclusion Initiative will proudly offer 100 industry students and licensed hairstylists the following: 


  • 1-year of MOB premier online education, including the game-changing Balayage Masters Program® (Certification Course)

  • Mannequin, Tools, Products (like lightener) for students’ at-home technical practice

  • Monthly Coaching + Mentorship for the 1-year duration w/ Ryan Weeden (and the MOB Team)


In addition to increasing awareness of the importance of Diversity and Inclusion, we will spotlight impacted professionals as we hope to serve as a leader for change.


If you are an industry professional that has been adversely impacted by Diversity and Inclusion, and may have been held back from equal growth opportunities because of it, we hope to hear from you.


These need-based grants are available for those adversely impacted in our industry by Diversity & Inclusion.


If you feel that you (or a colleague) qualify, please complete the MOB Scholarship Fund “2020 Diversity & Inclusion Initiative” by clicking the link below.

Please note, only fully completed applications will be accepted for consideration and not all applicants will receive approval. Due to a limited number of need-based grant opportunities, we will carefully select recipients based on the completed application provided.


The first round of approved MOB Scholarship Fund recipients will be announced November 15th, 2020. 


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