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Glaze or Toner?

Let’s talk words that work. In this segment, we are going to discuss the difference between using the word “glaze” vs. using the word “toner”, which in my professional experience, practically mean the same thing. It’s the semi or demi-color you put on the hair after a highlight to add or remove brightness and depth. Pretty simple, right? However, hearing the world “glaze” vs. “toner” to a client, can have a drastic impact on the outcome of their perceived service experience. Allow me to explain. For years, the use of toners have implied color correction. Although this isn’t inaccurate, toners are typically associated with limited excessive warmth or orange, brassy, unwanted tones. So when a client hears you say, “Now, we are going to tone your hair,” chances are they think you screwed up and now need to fix it. They may not say anything, of course, but while they are patiently laying back in the bowl with a slippery toner on their head, wondering if the end result will have orange tones, you better believe that they are going to go home and search through their hair under the warm, abrasive light in their bathroom, looking for a trace of your screw up.

To limit these special clients that search for your mistakes after a service, instead use the word “glaze”. In our minds it means the same thing, but to them it connotes shine, vibrancy and dimension. Oftentimes, with new clients never having heard this word used, will ask what it is. That’s when you tell them it enhances shine and makes their new blonde locks pop. That’s when a smile lights up their face and instead of looking for your mistakes at the end of the experience, instead all they see is shine. Try it, I dare you! Please post your thoughts and comments below. I want to hear from you!

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