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The Do's + Don'ts of Client Selfies

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

I recently read an article about client selfies, and how powerful they are for your business. Totally agree. They brought up two main points that I’d like to discuss.

  1. Phones

  2. Incentives

1. Phones: Client selfies are one of the best ways to showcase your work (without having to do any of the leg work yourself). The article mentioned that the client should be the one taking the selfie. On their phone. Totally disagree. And here’s why.

They pose in front of your backdrop or “selfie mirror” and wallah, pure social media gold! They now have access to share their selfie and promote your work. That’s great, but here’s the problem. You don’t have the photo, and now you have to do extra work to get it.

It’s a great idea to think that all of our clients will be the epitome of uninhibited extroverts and rush to a selfie station. But the fact is, a majority of people don’t feel comfortable being put on the spot. If you’re the shy type, you may feel uneasy or anxious about being the center of attention.

Leave the photo taking to yourself. Style the hair how you’d like it to be styled and offer to use both your phone and the client’s phone to showcase your work.

2. Incentives: I’m not a believer in discounting work. If you barter with your client that you’ll take X amount of dollars off their visit for their selfie, you’re telling your client that you’re not worth the money paid for your services. Why would I say that?

Because bartering will show your client that you’re negotiable on your rate. They’ll expect a discount each time they visit. Furthermore, think about your wallflower clientele. Your clients that are shy shouldn’t miss out on a salon incentive because they don’t feel comfortable in the limelight. Any incentive you offer in your salon should appeal to all of your clients.

Selfies are fantastic. There’s no denying that. They give stylists a chance to showcase their work. But when it comes to client selfies, don’t outcast a percentage of your clientele. If your client wants to take a selfie, rock on! If not, no big deal. Play fair by each client and never show favoritism. Your dedication to serve each client to the best of your ability will keep your clients happy and coming back, as well as referring their friends, coworkers, and family. Now that’s just an added bonus!

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