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I'm Not Perfect: A Pep Talk

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

It started forever ago when I was young. I was taught to win and subpar performance wasn’t acceptable. I wasn’t allowed to make mistakes so I tried hard not to. In fact, I tried hard to be perfect. At least that’s how I remember it.

Funny how habits we’ve formed in our youth continue to haunt us to as we grow older. Now in the present, in the world of social media and the desire to not be recognized on social platforms, it sadly also contributes to how we view our own self-worth. I’m a victim of this as well. I feel like that whenever I post something to Facebook or Instagram, whatever content I decide to share, whether it’s a selfie, a story, or a video, I’m not satisfied unless I’m in love with it. It has to be perfect or else I won’t post it.

The trouble I’ve noticed with myself lately, is that although I’ve recently become viewed as an influencer in the hair and beauty industry, I find myself becoming more hesitant in what I do and how I act, as I feel tied down and confined to my own internal prison of “am I good enough.”

I know I’m not alone and that many of us feel the same way. Social Media has become a wonderful way to connect with others we wouldn’t normally have been able to and share our vision of the world with what we do and how we live. At the same time, though, it’s become a burden and a detriment to not only our ego’s but to our souls.

It shouldn’t be that way, that’s what I’m getting at. I don’t need to be perfect and neither do you. No one and nothing is perfect. In fact, our world – the universe even – thrives on chaos, and we spend our lives trying to clean everything up! Stop it! Be yourself. Do your thing. Enjoy being perfectly imperfect. That’s my two-cents for the day and a pep talk not just to you, but also to myself.

Forget the past and unlock the shackles that forbid you to be your true self. The past is gone, the future is only a movie in our heads. All we have is the present, so be yourself more and more everyday. Rip the lid off. Be big, be bold, be brave.



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