the mob team

WITH YEARS OF BALAYAGE EXPERTISE, our Educators’ work is featured all over Social Media. Coming from some of the highest-rated salons in the country, they are admired by thousands for their Masterful Skills and Inspirational Guidance.

BOOKED OUT MONTHS IN ADVANCE, these masters understand what it takes to create beautiful work to keep clients coming back for more. More importantly, they are eager to pass their vast knowledge onto YOU.

A born entrepreneur, Ryan has always felt most alive when he is creating something and helping others to grow. He created MOB because he saw the need for a platform to connect with other talented artists so that they may all inspire one another and share their collective knowledge, to help each other reach new levels of excellence and income.

Taylor grew up in Davis, a small town in Northern California, where she started working as a salon receptionist at age 15. Not long after taking this job did she realize her passion for the hair industry, and was confident in pursuing a career within it.

Master stylist and Salon Owner of Voltage Salon, Ray Hornback, grew up in Northern Colorado where he is lucky enough to raise his family.

Jeni grew up in a small California mountain town called Topanga Canyon,  just minutes from the beach near Malibu. You could find her at the barn riding her horse, at the beach, and building go-karts from scrap wood. Jeni was a true tomboy at heart.

Antares's love for hair began in early childhood, while she played with her grandmother's cosmetology kit. Since then she knew she was destined to create magic through hair.

A resident of Stuttgart, Germany, Fabian has successfully branded himself as a sought-after, balayage expert. With years of educating experience within his own company, Addicted to Balayage, he is excited to join the MOB as its first European trainer.

Aleck was born in Poland, and shortly after, she and her family moved to New Jersey. Although always knowing she wanted to pursue a career in cosmetology, she enrolled in college to attain a degree in Art Therapy. Two years into school, she left to chase her dream of being behind the chair. 

A born entrepreneur, Eliza has always been passionate about hair and business. 

From a young age, she knew she wanted a path that would allow her to unleash her creativity without the confines of a traditional 9-5 job. 

As a professional stylist, platform artist, educator and celebrity stylist, Brand Rice, brings a unique aesthetic and creative approach to the industry. Truly passionate about his chosen profession, he uses his versatile talents and innovative style to discover each client’s beauty. His distinctive techniques and styles are quickly recognizable.

7527 Girard Ave, La Jolla, CA 92037 


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